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requests is one of the most prevalent libraries used for HTTP communications in Python. Additionally, requests also provides automatic Keep Alive and Connection Pooling mechanisms. Having said that, we all have definitely worked with the basics of requests module. This article discusses the advanced usage of the requests module.

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Do you want to get over the regular monochrome command line? Interested in building visually appealing clis? …Or want to showcase your cli with cool enhancements? …

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pytest is a software testing framework that can be used in all levels of testing such as unit, functional. It provides command-line options which automatically find and execute your tests. The striking feature of pytest is the plethora of plugins that are available…

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This article explains how to upload multiple files to AWS S3 in batches using pre-signed URLs.

At the end of this article, you should be able to do the following

  • Create batches from a list of files
  • Upload to AWS S3 using pre-signed URLs
  • Implementing concurrency for uploads.
  • Display progress…

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